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What is the Moringa Tree and what are the Moringa Tree Benefits for You?




The miracle tree Moringa is a multipurpose that is native to parts of Africa and Asia. It is also called the drumstick tree by the British and Malunggay in Philippines

  • In India, it is found on the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. This plant belongs to the family Moringaceae. It derives its name from the Malayalam word, ‘Muringa’. It is a multipurpose plant and its leaves, pods, fruits, flowers, roots and bark are beneficial in one way or the other.
  • The moringa tree grows easily in semi-arid, tropical and sub-tropical climate and is reported to be beneficial for human beings as its various parts are edible.
  • Some of the most commonly used parts are moringa leaves and seeds. Moringa seeds and roots are used to extract oil and the flowers can be cooked and eaten.
  • Apart from these, its bark, sap, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and flowers are used in making traditional medicine in many countries.
  • While it’s one of the newer discoveries to modern science, Moringa has been making strides in various societies for thousands of years. Moringa continues to amaze the scientific world with its amazing balance of antioxidants, minerals and amino acids.Ancient Indian writings, dating as far back as 150 B.C., refer to the Moringa plant and its uses. Early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians prized Moringa for its therapeutic properties and also used it to protect skin, make perfume, and purify water for drinking. Now this humble plant, often called “the Miracle Tree,” is coming to the forefront through Zija, the Moringa company.

Nourishing the world with Moringa

Dozens of humanitarian organizations now promote the use of Moringa in poverty-stricken areas to combat malnutrition and its adverse effects on the body. Groups such as Church World Service, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, National Science Foundation, and others are reintroducing the different health benefits of this fast-growing, drought-resistant plant to malnourished people in various underdeveloped areas. While conventional treatments for malnutrition normally take months, healthcare professionals have discovered that people taking Moringa show improvement within days. One of the more amazing things Moringa is being used for is to prevent childhood blindness, a condition that can develop from vitamin A and retinol deficiency. Moringa contains sufficient amounts of these nutrients to eliminate this condition.

The word on Moringa is out

Biochemists, natural scientists, and healthcare workers are busy substantiating ancient claims of Moringa’s effectiveness in treating more than 300 conditions. Their research has led to the documentation of its astonishing range of natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Many people taking Moringa have reported rapid improvements in skin, digestion, eyesight, mental clarity, and overall well-being, plus a reduction in symptoms associated with fatigue, arthritic-like conditions, and aging to name a few.


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Moringa Tree Benefits for Health: 


The most amazing thing about Moringa is that all parts of this plant, including its bark, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, sap and pods are a storehouse of nutrients and antioxidants. Thus, this plant possesses innumerable health benefits and has the capacity of curing several diseases. For this reason, it is referred to as the ‘miracle tree’ and is widely used in traditional medicine.

1st MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. The seeds of Moringa contain 40 percent edible oil known as Ben oil. This clear, sweet and odorless oil is rich in antioxidants and is similar to olive oil in terms of its nutritional profile.It has an indefinite shelf life as it does not turn rancid like other oils.

2nd MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa leaves are the most widely used parts of this plant. These leaves are edible. They contain three times more iron than spinach.

3rd MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which are needed to grow, repair and maintain cells. Human body manufactures 10 to 12 amino acids. The remaining 8 amino acids are known as the essential amino acids which should be provided from everyday diet and Moringa contains all of them. The list of essential amino acids and their benefits are given below.


moringa tree benefits amino acids


4th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT the Moringa leaves helps in boosting energy levels in a natural manner, which is long lasting. It is also found to heal ulcers, restrict tumors, reduce arthritis pain and inflammation and control blood pressure.

5th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Daily consumption of Moringa as part of the diet improves the body’s natural defense mechanism. It is an immune stimulant and it is often prescribed for AIDS afflicted patients.

6th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT It is rich in vitamin A or beta-carotene and acts as an effective weapon against blindness.

7th MORINGA TREE BENEFITS.  It plays an important role in lactating mothers. Consumption of Moringa is reported to cause a dramatic increase in breast milk.

8th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. As it balances the sugar levels, it can be extremely effective against diabetes.

9th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Increased consumption of junk food in the present scenario can lead to high cholesterol levels. Moringa helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body.

10th MORINGA TREE BENEFITS. Consumption of Moringa leaves stimulates metabolism and cell structure of the body.

11th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. This plant also has several antibacterial properties and hence can be used as a purifier and as a natural detoxifier.

  • Moringa seeds mixed with impure water can help in absorbing all the impurities.
  • Moringa helps in the removal and excretion of toxic build up by attracting toxins from the blood.


12th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. No side effects of Moringa leaves have been reported. Hence, it can be safely consumed by children and adults. Nowadays, it is used in porridge, pastas and breads to increase the nutrient content of meals.

13th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa supplements are better than most of the multivitamin and calcium supplements available in the market which use synthetic ingredients. Moringa supplements are prepared from Moringa leaves and pods which are natural sources of calcium and multivitamins. Their processing method increases the availability and absorption of nutrients by the body.

14th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa seeds are used in the manufacture of perfumes and aromatherapy oils. The flowers of Moringa are used in making herbal tea, which contains flavonoids and antioxidants.

15th MORINGA TREE BENEFITS. Due to their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, Moringa supplements facilitate quick healing of minor injuries like bruises, cuts and burns.

16th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Roots of moringa are used in traditional medicine to control disorders of the circulatory system, for stimulating appetite and to improve the functioning of digestive tract. In addition to these, they can treat sexual dysfunctions, female reproductive tract problems and arthritis.

17th MORINGA TREE BENEFITS. According to research, certain elements contained in moringa roots can cure ovarian cancer, kidney stones and inflammations. They improve the overall kidney function by enabling the body to flush out calcium and phosphates from kidneys more efficient.


Moringa Tree Benefits For Your Hair:


Healthy hair improves the physical appearance to a great extent. Health problems or nutritional deficiencies can damage the hair and cause problems like dandruff, split ends and breakage. Hence, proper intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids are involved in the formation of keratin protein.


18th MORINGA TREE BENEFITS. Moringa Oleifera has a high content of vitamin A, thus promoting hair growth and maintenance. Optimal delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle is vital for proper hair growth. Vitamin A plays an important role in the development of healthy cells and tissues in the body and reduction of hair loss. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause thickening of the scalp, dry hair and dandruff.


19th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa plant also contains zinc, which stimulates hair growth by enhancing the immune function. Zinc and silica along with vitamin A prevents drying and clogging of the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are responsible for the production of sebum. Deficiency of zinc can lead to atrophy of the hair follicles due to the impairment of DNA and protein synthesis. Zinc also influences the conformation of nucleic acids.


20th MORINGA TREE BENEFITS. Vitamin E in moringa is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation around the scalp. The proper flow of blood to the scalp helps in the absorption of more nutrients available in the hair follicles.21. Moringa is a storehouse of all the nutrients required for healthy hair. Hair loss occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin B- especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. Proper blood circulation to the scalp enables hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier. Vitamin C together with vitamin E helps in the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp. It is vital to maintain capillaries that carry blood onto the follicles.


21st MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa is a storehouse of all the nutrients required for healthy hair. Hair loss occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin B- especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. Proper blood circulation to the scalp enables hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier. Vitamin C together with vitamin E helps in the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp. It is vital to maintain capillaries that carry blood onto the follicles.


22nd MORINGA TREE BENEFIT Moringa contains abundant quantities of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese which are essential for healthy hair.


23rd MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa oil is a natural supplement for improving the health and strength of hair and scalp. Regular massage with this oil helps in reducing split ends and dandruff .It supplies rejuvenating vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles and tissues of the scalp.


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Skin Benefits Of Moringa:


Just like healthy hair, supply of proper nutrients is vital for the maintenance of healthy skin. Moringa is loaded with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D, E; minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica and manganese. Moringa has moisturizing and nourishing properties and an excellent cleansing ability which makes it an active ingredient in skin care products.


24th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa has been found to possess anti-ageing properties. The effect of free radicals on human skin causes the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin aged and less resistant to lines. Moringa has an excellent cleansing ability which aids in cleaning the skin cells of free radicals and restoring the vitality and youthful complexion of the skin.


25th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa leaves contain about 30 antioxidants that contribute greatly towards healthy skin. Moringa oil is highly absorbable and hence helps in delivering these powerful antioxidants to the skin cells.


26th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa leaves also contain sulphur. This mineral is present in every single cell of the body and is the key ingredient for Collagen and keratin. Collagen is an elastic substance that gives flexibility and softness to the skin and keratin is a rigid substance which gives the skin rigidity and strength. These two substances form the majority of skin tissue and are made up of proteins constructed from sulphur.


27th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. The seed extract of moringa herb is popular in the cosmetic industry due to its therapeutic skincare benefits and skin purifying properties. It possesses the ability to filter out impurities that are deeply rooted within the skin and has an amazing detoxifying and rejuvenating properties. It enhances the fairness of skin by balancing the natural skin color and tone. A paste made from moringa leaves beautifies the skin and can be used as a face mask.


28th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. The bean oil which is extracted from moringa seeds is used to soften and soothe baby’s’ skin.


29th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. Moringa seed extract is used in protective creams and has the ability to provide protection against cigarette smoke and heavy metal pollution.


30th MORINGA TREE BENEFIT. It is a powerful cleaning agent and moringa seed powder is used as an active ingredient in deep cleansing creams and lotions. It protects the skin from adhering pollution and smog.


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moringa tree benefits moringa skin care


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Nutritional Value Of Moringa:


The most amazing fact about moringa is that it is a storehouse of nutrients and medicinal chemicals. The various parts of this plant are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron and protein. It contains a plethora of phytonutrients, eight essential amino acids and other powerful disease fighting antioxidants. According to the Ayurveda, moringa comprises of around 539 compounds capable of preventing 300 diseases. Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 different antioxidants, which make it a powerhouse of nutrition. The table given below provides a gist of the nutritional value of this wonderful plant.


moringa nutritional values


Moringa leaves are a storehouse of nutrients. They contain seven times more potassium than bananas and twice the amount of protein as that contained in milk. Milk is considered to be an important source of calcium, but moringa leaves contain four times more calcium than milk. They contain four times more vitamin A or beta carotene than carrots. Moringa powder which is prepared by grinding the dried leaves of moringa contain seven times more vitamin C than oranges, 25 times the amount of iron in spinach, 36 times the amount of magnesium in eggs, 50 times more vitamin B3 than peanuts and 50 times more vitamin B2 than bananas.



Moringa leaves compared to common foods

Values per 100gm. edible portion


Moringa tree benefits


Looking at the benefits of Moringa , it is imperative to include it in our diets and daily regime. With its antioxidant, purifying and detox properties it is the skin’s best friend. Always do a patch test before applying any new product on your skin like ben oil and the paste of moringa leaves. Moringa is an easy and delicious way to reap the benefits.

Zija is born


When Ken and his team learned biochemists were calling Moringa “the most nutrient-rich plant ever discovered”, they took a closer look at its amazing goodness and created Zija, an astonishingly nutritious dietary supplement designed for full bioavailability by the body.


In addition to its wealth of vitamins and minerals, the Moringa plant provides a rich and rare combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol. We call this compound Z-Atin, and it’s found only in Zija. Z-Atin is the metabolic trigger for complete nutrient absorption and it guarantees that you get all the goodness of Moringa found in Zija.


Today, Mr. Brailsford’s vision has been confirmed. Ongoing Moringa research has been validated with thousands of individual experiences in countries all over the world. Moringa could be the miracle food the world has been looking for and Zija is positioned to deliver this miracle plant to the world in a safe and efficacious product called Zija.


Not all moringa supplements are the same, proper handling and manufacturing is crucial to guarantee and preserve the highest amounts of nutrients.


moringa manufacturing to guarantee high standards


31. ZIJA MORINGA NOURISHES THE BODY’S IMMUNE SYSTEM. The body’s complex immune system is comprised of several organs, and trillions of cells, all requiring nutrients from caloric intake to function correctly and properly. Zija’s Moringa Oleifera provides many dozens of these nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals, and essential amino acids.


32. ZIJA MORINGA PROMOTES HEALTHY CIRCULATION. Significant research on the ingestion of Moringa oleifera in humans strongly suggests that it can help support both health and function of the circulatory, blood, and the cardiovascular systems.


33. ZIJA MORINGA IS 100% BIOAVAILABLE. Unlike many popular fruit juice blends that are heavily pasteurized, artificially modified, colored or flavored, Zija uses only all-natural ingredients truly found in nature for an optimum and pristine blend to truly benefit health.


34. ZIJA MORINGA SUPPORTS NORMAL BLOOD GLUCOSE. Today’s standard diet is the main contributor to the explosion of diabetes in developed countries. Zija provides a wide array of nutrients that help normalize blood glucose levels within the body. Also, Zija is sweetened with only pure cane sugar which, unlike most concentrated and nutrient-deficient sugars widely used in today’s food industry, does not contribute to unhealthy blood glucose levels.


35. ZIJA MORINGA IS ENZYMATICALLY ALIVE. Scientific research strongly suggests mitochontrial sirtuins (a
group of enzymes) that exist in every cell are the master regulators that divert energy into cellular
preservation. Moringa Oleifera is very rich in such enzymes, which are unmodified, or unharmed, when
you drink Zija.


36. ZIJA MORINGA DELIVERS Z-ATIN. Zija Z-ATIN is a remarkable combination of the five constituent parts of the
Moringa oleifera that work synergistically to deliver the most important nutrients from the plant and to
improve absorption and utilization of Zija’s impressive nutrient profile. Z-ATIN includes: A: Zeatin, a
potent antioxidant; B) Quercitin, a flavonoid known for its ability to neutralize free radicals and relieve
inflammation; C) Beta-Sitosterol, a nutrient superstar that blocks “bad” (for LDL) cholesterol formation
for build-up and is an anti-inflammatory agent for the body; D) Caffeoylquinic Acid, another powerful
anti-inflammatory compound for body benefit; and E) Kaempferol, a key nutrient that promotes healthy
body cellular function.

zija super mix

highly reputable medical, science, and globally recognized health institutions, suggests that Moringa
oleifera possesses numerous therapeutic properties for proper health. Among these institutions are
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the World Health Organization, the Center For Disease Control,
and the National Institutes of Health.



38. ZIJA MORINGA PROVIDES NATURAL ANTI-AGING BENEFITS. Zija’s wide array of antioxidant nutrients,
which include Zeatin, Quercetin, Omega-3, Fatty Acids, and vitamins, can protect the body’s cells and
prevent many of the common conditions associated with aging.


39. ZIJA MORINGA DELIVERS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT. Scientists now point to inflammation as a
primary contributor to many of today’s most common diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular
disease, dementia, depression, arthritis, attention deficit disorders, diabetes, obesity, and many more.
Several compounds in the Moringa plant, include Quercetin and Caffeoylquinic Acid, are known to
support normal anti-inflammatory activity in the body.


cognitive clarity via many amino acids and B vitamins and therefore is the preferred non-addictive
choice of the majority of those seeking initial and sustained all-natural benefits.


41. ZIJA MORINGA IS GENERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFE (GRAS). There are no harmful ingredients in
Zija. Zija is also Circle U Kosher & Parve, Hasidic Approved, and hypo (non) allergenic. Zija’s
Moringa is grown to the highest standards available for assured, consistent, empirical-quality
delivery of all nutrients.


42. ZIJA MORINGA IMPROVES YOUR METABOLISM. Moringa oleifera’s nutrient benefits in Zija provide a
gentle nudge over time to improve the body’s metabolic processes because of the wide and critical
nutrients being delivered. Science has repeatedly shown that such vitamins, minerals, and
nutrients act as catalysts for body function benefits, and disease is minimized when such nutrients
are present.”A can or pack of Zija per day helps you remain happy, healthy, and ready to play!”


texts indicate that eastern Ayurvedic healers have employed the Moringa plant for many thousands
of years, from conditions ranging from digestive complaints to arthritis. Combined with modern-day
scientific support, this anecdotal evidence provides a powerful affirmation of Moringa’s therapeutic


44. ZIJA MORINGA IS TRULY SCIENCE, NOT FICTION. Zija is made to the highest standards, offering the
nutrients from the five parts of the Moringa plant. To get these many nutrients in a totally bioavailable
form from any other dietary supplement, food, beverage, combination of herbs, fruit,
vegetable, other botanical, over-the-counter brand, or even a prescription medication simply does
not exist.


45. THE MORINGA IN ZIJA IS EASILY ABSORBABLE. Zija is designed to be absorbed in as quickly as 20 minutes
from ingestion. Of course the amount of Zija to consume depends on specific factors such as the
individual, predispositions, time, and caloric or exercise regiments, all of which could influence
results. In tracking millions of servings of Zija consumed, typically at least 86 out of every 100
consumers report a positive effect in their lifestyle with Zija.


double the caloric intake of a consumer in 1965 and we are receiving 75% less nutrient value for
current calories consumed. Seeking daily, quality nutrient supplementation is no longer an option
but a requirement for health. Zija provides these nutrient benefits.


oleifera boasts the widest array of vital nutrients of any botanical known on this planet. There are
dozens of nutrient values in Moringa oleifera and in each can of Zija, including, but not limited to,
Beta-Sitosterol, several B Vitamins, Vitamins C, D-3, E, Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, all the
essential Amino Acids, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonoids, Lutein, and many others.
Zija is a power-packed super beverage like no other!


48. ZIJA MORINGA IS CONVENIENT. Zija is the perfect answer for today’s hectic and busy lifestyles. Zija is
conveniently portable and user-friendly. A serving of Zija per day for most folks is all you need!


49. ZIJA MORINGA SUPER MIX BUILDS HEALTHY BODIES. It has been anecdotally reported that Zija has improved
health across the globe. Whether involved with competitive sports, regular physical training, or just
simple recovery from injury, Zija gets you there faster and safer for all ages.


50. ZIJA MORINGA SUPER MIX IS AFFORDABLE. As Zija’s formulator, I came to this product not knowing if I could even
achieve an efficacious beverage. I must tell you that Zija has become one of my crowning
achievements toward the betterment of health for all. Can any of us put a price on good health?
Zija delivers and works where other products simply do not.

You never know how good you feel until you start feeling that good. Get yourself some moringa tree benefits into your body or share this page with a loved one.




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